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We use following software's


Avid is used a lot in Hollywood to deliver best films.
This program is fast at cutting out unwanted footage and getting the best shots ready to edit. It is very precise and can get the edit done in no time.

Premier Pro

Premier Pro is used by most editors.
It can bee used for high end films but also for promotional video. Premier works great if you are working with green screen and special effects. When the basic edit is done, it can be moved to After Effects to add finishing touches.

Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas Pro is mostly used by YouTube content creators.
This program is very easy to use and allows fast edit. Has countless effects which can be applied to the video clips. In Premier Pro these effects must be made manually and that takes ages. This make Sony Vegas best for making montages with cool effects without waiting for too long.

After Effects

After Effects is the main program to make the magic happen.
Did your camera operator filmed bunch of cables in the background? Don’t worry, After Effects can remove them.
Or do you want to add something into the shot? This programs is able to add objects where you want them and keep them there while the camera is still moving.
But it can also make cinematic titles and add special effects.

Davinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve is the best program for colour correction.
You wanted your actor to ware red T-shirt and was wearing blue? No problem, with Resolve you can even change colour of the clothes. Resolve makes it possible to bring your imagination to life.

Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D lets you create anything you want. Video will give the best example.


Photoshop is mostly used to edit images and titles.
It is great for creating thumbnails for YouTube videos. Special titles for your films/ videos are very simple to create in Photoshop.


Illustrator is great for drawing things from scratch.
When it comes to making specific title for your film/ video. This program can make it happen. Also create logos and anything that needs to be drawn.

Creating Project in Cinema 4D

-Cinema 4D: Create project from scratch. Add lights, cameras and track motion.
-After Effects: Add glow and fix the colour.
-Edit the video in Sony Vegas or Premier Pro. Adding music and special effects.

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