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  • Fallen Unicorns - Clan Wars are hosting tournaments now on Rainbow 6 Siege and Valorant.
  • Clan Wars latest winners - Rainbow 6 Siege 1v1 9th December 2022 (Team: Tiger Force Ground Recon).
  • Merchandise - We have new T-Shirts in store with Fallen Unicorns logo. Get one today. -

Social Media Manager’s Book


1: Be respectful towards all members.

2: Create minimum of 5 posts per week across Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram

3: Give correct rewords to members. (If you give reword to a members for something they didn’t do. It will result in immediate strike).

4: Accept videos in 1080p resolution minimum. (720p will not be acceptable).

5: Upload minimum of 3 videos per week on YouTube.

6: Ensure that members are following rules while Streaming Live. (Swearing/ Racism and Discrimination will not be tolerated).

7: After 3 strikes, you will be prosecuted at Fallen Unicorns Court of Justice!!!

8: After being prosecuted at Fallen Unicorns Court of Justice, you will loose right to apply for any leadership position.

9: Speak English

10 : Be over 16 years old.

11: Admin’s and Judges word is FINAL!!!


Striking Member

Members Rules:
1: Be respectful towards other members.
2: Don’t be toxic towards other players in the game.
5: No offensive content and no racism!!! 
12: Speak English
13: Be over 16 years old.

Provide reason and show which rule(s) the member broke.
Example for single rule – You are receiving strike for breaking rule 5. You are not allowed to be racist in this community.
Example for 2 or multiple rules – You are receiving 2 strikes for breaking rule 5 & 12. You are not allowed to be racist and you have to speak English in this community.

Providing Evidence 

Providing screenshots and report about striked member.
WAMzki broken following rule 1 and 5. He made hateful comment towards other member and was racist against black people.

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