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  • Fallen Unicorns - Clan Wars are hosting tournaments now on Rainbow 6 Siege and Valorant.
  • Clan Wars latest winners - Rainbow 6 Siege 1v1 9th December 2022 (Team: Tiger Force Ground Recon).
  • Merchandise - We have new T-Shirts in store with Fallen Unicorns logo. Get one today. -


1: Be over 18 years old

(We accept members who are 16+ with parental consent)
2: Speak English
3: No Offensive content and no racism.
4: Be respectful towards other members.
5: You can promote your YouTube and Twitch channels.
6: After 3 strikes you will be prosecuted by Fallen Unicorns – Court of Justice

7: Visit Fallen Unicorns website 1 time a week minimum.
8: You can be inactive for 3 months.
(Contact Leaders, Managers or Admins and fill out Away Form, if you will be inactive over 3 months).
9: You can join multiple Games & Houses for casual gaming and Clan Wars.
10: You can’t be in multiple competitive teams. (ESL Rules).

11: Don’t create any social media account with Fallen Unicorns name or logo.
12: Don’t use Fallen Unicorns: Name, Logo, Intro, Thumbnail, Outro, and Overlay without permission. 
(All of them are copyrighted).

Fallen Unicorns - Court of Justice

-If anyone is issued 3 strikes. He/she will be prosecuted through the Fallen Unicorns Court of Justice.

-When the person is called into the Court of Justice. He/she can argue if they are innocent. In other words: If that person was given strikes wrongly. Or  if the strikes were not issued properly and the person is found not guilty. All the strikes will be cleared. After that, person who has given strikes incorrectly will be prosecuted instead.

-Overall, if anyone is found guilty at the end of the trial. He/she will be kicked from the community immediately.
(You can cancel your membership subscription without direct access to the website).

-The Court of Justice will be formed of 1 to 3 Judge(s), depending on how serious the issue is. Also, Advocate General can be present on your case. Advocate General will listen to your case and then give his/her opinion to the Judge(s).

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